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5 Free Accounting Excel Templates: If you'd like 5 free excel templates used to create any of my You Tube videos, email me at ken@stltest.net. Let me know which templates you'd like, and I'll email them to you.

What we do

St. Louis Test Preparation (SLTP) provides accounting and finance training to both students and business owners. I accomplish that in several ways:

Accounting Videos

This site contains links to hundreds of videos on my You Tube channel (kenboydstl). The videos are organized by topic, so you can find the content you need easily.

Accounting Video Textbooks

I provide accounting video textbooks, along with the excel templates used to make the videos. Each course also includes a practice test, with answers explained in a video format. The first two courses, Accounting for Investments and Advanced Accounting, are available now.

Lynda.com, Financial Times, creativeLIVE

I design and present video content on accounting and finance through these clients.

Tutoring Online

I provide online tutoring to both undergraduate and graduate accounting students.

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St. Louis Test Preparation

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Author/ Cost Accounting for Dummies, Accounting All-In-One for Dummies, The CPA Exam for Dummies.